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About us

Some call it the "world's smallest metropolis", others, the "peace capital". Whatever image it brings to mind, Geneva has always been a popular destination. Better known throughout the world as the United Nations' European headquarters and the head office of the International Committee of the Red Cross, our city draws thousands of people each year to events such as conferences, conventions and meetings.

Geneva is the smallest of the world's major cities. It is a world apart, with something for everyone. Distinguished by its unique geographical position in the heart of Europe, state-of-the-art technology, high-quality services, prestige and ranking as a world-class city, coupled with the advantages of a small town, Geneva is the ideal venue for your next event.

The International Conference Centre of Geneva (ICCG) is conveniently located near the International Airport and major highways, the railway station, the international organizations, Lake Geneva and the historic old town. A vast choice of hotels offers your guests and associates first-rate hospitality just a stone's throw from the conference centre. .

Absolute musts to visit !

If you are passing through Geneva, do not miss visiting the following places :

These tourist sites are world renown and should be visited !