Multi-purpose areas

Multi-purpose areas

Other services

"Press Area"

On level -1, 1500 sqm area is available as per your needs, for the organisation and set up of :

  • Press centre

  • Communication centre
  • Reprography centre

  • Cloakroom

  • Small exhibitions, workshops, poster sessions,... (2,50m ceiling height)
  • Various breaks

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Security Management Centre

On level -1, the Security Management Centre constantly monitors the safety of our guests and of our building. Fire protection, CTV and access monitoring are among the technologies used for this.

The Security Management Centre is also the coordination and communications hub between our own security service, event organizors, security companies and relevant local authorities.

The Centre has three available workstations at the disposal of those responsible for events security and the representatives of the local authorities.

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Situated near the main passages and the entrance, the infirmary can accomodate the first aid service of your choice. With a surface of 33sqm, there is a room for two patients. It has access for the handicapped  and includes toilets and shower. CICG reception and security staff can assure basic first aid. If necessary, the cantonal emergency brigade (144) can be on the premise very rapidly.

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