Polyvalent spaces and offices

Polyvalent spaces and offices

Multi-purpose spaces, offering total flexibility, are situated on the different floors of the CICG.

Conference rooms can be set up according to your needs using mobile partitions and are available for exhibitions, poster sessions or as press area.

FLEXIBILITY is the hallmark of the CICG


Level 2 Capacity Surface(sqm)
Espace Motta   630 sqm
Offices 40 working places


Level 0
Polyvalent Space
Capacity Surface(sqm)
Room 21 120 pl. 223 sqm
Room 22 80 pl. 141 sqm
Room 23 50 pl. 126 sqm
Room 21+22 200 pl. 364 sqm
Room 21+22+23 300 pl. 590 sqm


Level -1 Capacity Surface(sqm)
Press area   1500 sqm
Offices 20 working stations